Hammersley Ben

Thématics : Big Data, Blockchain, Cyber security, Future, Artificial intelligence, Digital trends
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Ben Hammersley is an expert on the effects of AI and other potential technological developments on the economy, society and geopolitics.
Ben Hammersley explains the threats and opportunities caused by these new developments. He draws lessons from his 20 years of experience in the technological avant-garde – he was the first internet journalist for The Times, a columnist for WIRED and an advisor to several governments – as well as from his early career positions in aviation, emergency medicine and war reporting.
Artificial intelligence, robotics and machine-based decision-making are taking control of the business world. From financial services to sales, managers who fail to adapt to new realities are probably moving towards career failure and the end of their companies.
Ben Hammersley is the author of 5 books including “64 Things You Need To Know Now For Then”.
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