Rademaker Nancy

Rademaker Nancy

Nancy Rademaker is one of the very few female keynote speakers to cover the impact of digitization on customer behaviour and how that affects the way companies should interact with customers.

With a mix of mind-blowing examples and a great sense of humour, she takes the audience on an exciting rollercoaster of high-level content, delivered in a very easy-to-digest presentation. Nancy has the strong reputation of leaving people inspired, with the right innovation-driven mindset and actionable insights to shape their own Day After Tomorrow* strategy.
Nancy has over 20 years of experience in how technology was and is transforming society, working for different IT companies, amongst which five years for Microsoft in the Netherlands and Europe. She loves to share her passion for technology and combines that valuable inside information with her experience in training and education. She has always been enthusiastic about people and customer-centric strategies. She likes to focus on how technology influences people’s behaviour and how it helps them to share knowledge and to create and innovate.
Nancy is a highly rated and motivating international business speaker, she has energized many roundtables, boardroom sessions and corporate events with bold presentations on the topics of digital transformation, extreme customer centricity, disruption, AI, business model change and leadership.

https://youtu.be/2TMVyVI4biw  – TEDx Lausanne
https://youtu.be/RWgXNj652LU – The Day after Tomorrow
https://youtu.be/I0f4eMi-Dc0 – Customer Centricity and the need for innovation platforms

Langues d’intervention: anglais.


– Extreme Customer Centricity in a Networked World

-Managers the Day after Tomorrow

– Healthcare in the Day after Tomorrow

– Patient Centricity is the Leading Game

– Your Customer Interface is your Brand

– Is Amazon eating the world

– Artificial Intelligence explained

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