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Calum Chace is a renowned writer on Artificial Intelligence. He focuses on the medium and long term impact of AI on individuals, societies and economies.


Calum Chace retired from full-time work in 2012 to focus on writing after a 30-year career as a journalist, a marketer, a strategy consultant and a CEO. Having started his career as a trainee journalist with the BBC, he has always combined business with writing. He has contributed articles to several newspapers, and was a columnist at the FT.

He has published several non-fiction books, including The Internet Startup Bible, a business

best-seller published by Random House in 2000. He is now publishing his first novel, a science thriller called Pandora’s Brain.

Calum studied philosophy at Oxford University, where he discovered that the science fiction he had been reading since boyhood is actually philosophy in fancy dress. He is intrigued by the idea of conscious machines being created this century. He is a regular speaker on artificial intelligence and related technologies and runs a blog on the subject at



Pandora’s Brain – 2014

Surviving AI: The promise and peril of artificial intelligence – 2015

The Economic Singularity: Artificial intelligence and the death of capitalism- 2016

Stories from 2045: Artificial intelligence and the future of work -eCalum Chace and Adam Singer – 2019


CogX 2018 – The Economic Singularity :


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BUSCH Christian

Thématics : Education, Future, Urban planning, Smart and connected cities


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Dr. Busch’s research focuses on business model innovation, entrepreneurship, social impact, and social networks, and he teaches several MSc and executive education courses at LSE. He has served as Deputy Director at the LSE’s Innovation Centre, and is co-founder of Sandbox Network (now: Thousand Network), the leading community of young innovators active in over 20 countries. He co-founded Leaders on Purpose, an organization convening high-impact leaders.

He is among Diplomatic Courier’s ‘Top 99 Influencers’; The Economist’s ‘Ideas People’; JCI’s ‘Ten Outstanding Persons’; a TEDster; a ‘Key Influencer’ (Siemens); an ‘Institute for the World Economy Global Fellow’; the ‘Davos 50’; and a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts (RSA). He frequently speaks at conferences such as the World Economic Forum (WEF), TED, and Financial Times Sustainability Summit, and his ideas have been featured by outlets such as Harvard Business Review, The Economist, and the UN. His presentations and workshops at companies such as Dell and Danone have reached over 1.2 million people.

He previously worked in business in Kenya, South Africa, Mexico, Russia, Germany, the US, and has served as Senior Advisor at the National Entrepreneurs Association and at multinational companies, on Ashoka’s Selection Panel, and on the Jury of the African Entrepreneurship Award. He is part of the WEF’s Expert Forum (recent article:, has lectured at ESADE, Peking University, and Strathmore, and his work has been published by journals such as IJEV & featured by The Guardian, WIRED, Academy of Management Journal, among others. In 2016, he received the ‘Best Paper Award’ (Entrepreneurship) of Emerald Publishing, and the ‘Best Social Entrepreneurship Paper Award’ of the Academy of Management.




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Hammersley Ben

Thématics : Big Data, Blockchain, Cyber security, Future, Artificial intelligence, Digital trends

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Ben Hammersley is an expert on the effects of AI and other potential technological developments on the economy, society and geopolitics.

Ben Hammersley explains the threats and opportunities caused by these new developments. He draws lessons from his 20 years of experience in the technological avant-garde – he was the first internet journalist for The Times, a columnist for WIRED and an advisor to several governments – as well as from his early career positions in aviation, emergency medicine and war reporting.

Artificial intelligence, robotics and machine-based decision-making are taking control of the business world. From financial services to sales, managers who fail to adapt to new realities are probably moving towards career failure and the end of their companies.

Ben Hammersley is the author of 5 books including “64 Things You Need To Know Now For Then”.



How to predict the future | Internetdagarna 2018




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KANNA Ayesha


Thématics :  Blockchain, Digital, Fintech, Future, Artificial intelligence, Technology, Digital trends, Urban planning, Intelligent and connected cities.


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Ayesha Khanna is the co-founder and CEO of ADDO AI, an artificial intelligence consulting firm and incubator. She is a strategic consultant in artificial intelligence, smart cities and fin-tech with clients such as SMRT, Singapore’s largest public transport company, SmartDubai, which is transforming the city’s governance and service delivery, and YES Bank, one of India’s largest banks.

In 2017, ADDO AI was featured in Forbes magazine as one of the top four artificial intelligence companies in Asia.

Ayesha has spent more than a decade on Wall Street developing large-scale trading, risk management and data analysis systems. She was co-founder of the Hybrid Reality Institute, a research group and consulting firm created to analyze the social and economic impact of technology acceleration. She led the LSE’s (London School of Economics) Cities of the Future group and was an academic advisor at Singularity University.

Ayesha Khanna has been named as one of Singapore’s leading women entrepreneurs and one of Fintech’s most influential figures in Asia. She also served on the Singapore Ministry of Education committee to discuss future skills and learning applied to emerging industries.

Ayesha Khanna is the author of “Straight Through Processing”, and co-author of “Hybrid Reality: Thriving in the Emerging Human-Technology Civilization”. She is the founder of 21C GIRLS, a charity that offers free coding and artificial intelligence courses to girls in Singapore.




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Thématics : Intercultural project management – Economy and Finance

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Erin Meyer specializes in intercultural management and negotiations and multicultural leadership. She is a professor at INSEAD, one of the world’s leading international business schools.

Her work focuses on how the most successful world leaders deal with the complexities of cultural differences in a multicultural environment.

Meyer offers a forward-thinking vision through practical strategies to improve the effectiveness of projects around the world.

Living and working in Africa, Europe and the United States has inspired Erin Meyer to study communication models and business systems in different parts of the world. His experience allows international leaders to identify their leadership preferences and compare their methods with those of other cultures. Meyer has taught thousands of executives from 5 continents to question themselves and work more effectively within cultural differences. She has published articles in Harvard Business Review, Singapore Business Times and

Meyer’s forthcoming book offers a practical and timely perspective on an urgent business issue: how to unleash the potential of cultural differences to improve efficiency and promote objectives. His work on cultural differences will be of interest to all those who interact with friends and colleagues from different countries.

Conferences – The language of negative feedback

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Müller-Eberstein Mark

Thématics : Blockchain, new digital technologies, leadership consulting in a digital world

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Future Technology in Business & Blockchain Expert, Mark Müller-Eberstein is CEO and founder of Adgetec Corporation and coach of many business leaders around the world. He is also the author of Agility: Competing and Winning in the Tech-Sauvy Marketplace (John Wiley & Sons Ltd).

He has more than fifteen years of experience in the IT industry where he works with companies and governments to choose, adopt, deploy and measure the impacts of new technologies.

The pace of change is accelerating as digital technologies gain ground and the Playstation Generation reshapes economies and societies around the world. To the leaders of today and tomorrow, Marc provides advice on how to act and lead successfully in a new world.

Mark has more than 25 years of experience in technology leadership positions with Fortune 500 companies, including Hewlett Packard and Microsoft. He has worked with companies and governments around the world to select, adopt, deploy and measure the impact of new technologies to increase productivity, share knowledge and improve people’s lives.

Mark Mueller-Eberstein is of German origin, bilingual and speaks English and German.



Agility: Competing and Winning in the Tech-Savvy Marketplace, a best-seller on the impact of digital technologies on business performance.Mark is also co-author of No Fear: Business Leadership In the Age of Digital Cowboys, a successful manifesto for business leadership in the digital age.

CONFERENCES – Lead and be the change: Mark Mueller-Eberstein at TEDxRainier


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KING Brett

Thématics : Financial Innovations – Futur

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Brett King is a four times bestselling author, a renowned futurist and keynot speaker, the host of the « BREAKING BANKS » Radio Show on WVNJ 1160 and globally via VoiceAmerica (an Internet Talk Radio Network with over 9 million monthly listerners) and the founder of the fintech start-up known as « Moven ». Moven raised $8m this July in a Series A investment round to power it’s growth offshore with it’s concept of a downloadable bank account that incorporates mobile payments ans banking capability, along with a garnification based money management system.

King was voted as American banker’s Innovator of the year 2012, and was nominated by Bank Innovation as one of the Top 10 « coolest brands in banking ». His latest book Breaking Banks debuted in the top 3 on Amazon’s Bestsellers list in the US, France, Canada, Germany and Australia, and features interviews with 30 of the top innovation and disruptors in the financial services industry today. BANK 3.0 his previous book was released in 8 languages and ranked as a finance bestseller in 19 countries.

King has been featured on FoxNews, ABC, CNBC, Bloomberg, BBC, Financial Times, The Economist, ABA Journal, Bank Technology News, The Asian Banker Journal, The Banker, Wired magazine and many more. He contributes regularly as a blogger on Huffington Post. He has spoken to more than a quarter of a million finance professionals in over 40 countries in the last 3 years alone.


CONFERENCES/INTERVIEWS Banking Future of Money – Future of Finance – Experential Banking


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Thématics : Artificial intelligence, The Future of Humanity, Macrostrategy

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One of the most important thinkers of our time, Nick Bostrom is changing the way we see things – how advances in artificial intelligence and other technologies will redesign humanity and how our present actions will influence the future.

Nick Bostrom is a professor at Oxford University where he is the founding director of the Future of Humanity Institute. The Institute is a unique

research centre where the best minds in the fields of computer science, mathematics, philosophy, economics and engineering spend their days thinking about the future impacts of technology, global priorities, catastrophic risks and opportunities for transformation.

He is also the director of the Strategic Intelligence Research Center, which undertakes research on how the intelligent machine revolution will change society and the economy.

He is the author of a book on this subject, “Superintelligence: Paths, Dangers, Strategies” (OUP, 2014), a New York Times bestseller, which has helped to significantly change the discussion on the future of AI.

Nick Bostrom studied physics theory, computational neuroscience and the foundations of probability theory and philosophy. He received the Eugene R. Gannon (a person from the world of philosophy, mathematics, arts and other humanities and natural sciences is selected each year). He has been twice in the Top 100 of Foreign Policy’s Global Thinkers and is on Prospect magazine’s World Thinkers list as the youngest person in the Top 15 across all specialties and the highest ranked analytical philosopher.

Conférences/Interviews Speeches in english

Insuring a healthy health: the winning model »

Digital Civilization : Industrial and Cultural impact on tomorrow Society


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Rademaker Nancy

Thématics :  

Extreme Customer Centricity in a Networked World -Managers the Day after Tomorrow – Healthcare in the Day after Tomorrow – Patient Centricity is the Leading Game –

Your Customer Interface is your Brand – Is Amazon eating the world – Artificial Intelligence explained

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Nancy Rademaker is one of the very few female keynote speakers to cover the impact of digitization on customer behaviour and how that affects the way companies should interact with customers.

With a mix of mind-blowing examples and a great sense of humour, she takes the audience on an exciting rollercoaster of high-level content, delivered in a very easy-to-digest presentation. Nancy has the strong reputation of leaving people inspired, with the right innovation-driven mindset and actionable insights to shape their own Day After Tomorrow* strategy.

Nancy has over 20 years of experience in how technology was and is transforming society, working for different IT companies, amongst which five years for Microsoft in the Netherlands and Europe. She loves to share her passion for technology and combines that valuable inside information with her experience in training and education. She has always been enthusiastic about people and customer-centric strategies. She likes to focus on how technology influences people’s behaviour and how it helps them to share knowledge and to create and innovate.

Nancy is a highly rated and motivating international business speaker, she has energized many roundtables, boardroom sessions and corporate events with bold presentations on the topics of digital transformation, extreme customer centricity, disruption, AI, business model change and leadership.


Conférences/Interviews  – TEDx Lausanne – The Day after Tomorrow – Customer Centricity and the need for innovation platforms


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Thématics :  

Extreme customer centricity in a networked world, Innovation in the digital era, business model change, Prepare for an Artificially Intelligent Future, Managers the Day after Tomorrow

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Rik Vera is a renowned thought-leader, worldwide keynote speaker and author of business bestseller “Managers The Day After Tomorrow”.

He’s a trusted advisor on the topics of extreme customer centricity, innovation in the digital era, business model change, sales, marketing and leading companies on their journey to their very own Day After Tomorrow.

Rik Vera is a Partner at inspiration and advice company nexxworks. He is a highly sought-after keynote speaker and advisor in the field of extreme customer centricity, disruption, sales and marketing.

Rik combines his experience as a manager with his passion for the digital new normal in retail, manufacturing, food, health, pharma, automotive, banking, insurance, HR, IT, logistics, FMCG, packaging,… sales, marketing and management.

He knows both the B2C and B2B environment, but believes in a growing H2H (human to human) driven C2B (customer to business) world.

A publier : Managers the Day After Tomorrow: Connect to Many, Engage Individuals


Conférences/Interviews – The Day after Tomorrow – TEDx – How empowered is the new Customer – Extreme customer centricity in a networked world



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